About Chef Klink

Working in the Institute Kitchen

Working in the Institute Kitchen

LJ Klink: Restaurant Rockstar

Age: 33

Education: Applied Science in Culinary Arts, Inland NW Culinary Academy; Bachelor of Arts, Eastern Washington University; Masters of Arts, Gonzaga University.

My Favorite Cook BookCIA’s 5th ed. Professional Chef

Who Inspires Me : Tony B., Pete Tobin, and his parents. His parents are life long restaurant hospitality people that have a great work ethic and are food snobs.


Fun Facts: Had a run on a national outdoor adventure TV show where he was the on air chef; that aired for 2 years and a talk radio show about food where LJ and the other hosts were said to be the “Shock Jocks of Food Talk.”

A Dish I Love to Make : Any Classical Cuisine that is simple and could be classified as “Peasant Food”.

My Cooking Philosophy:  Good cooking techniques and a basic fresh “old school” approach that has been altered just enough to meet the needs of a modern diner.

One response to “About Chef Klink

  1. Chef Klink is one bad ass when it comes to food it just speaks to him

    Witch makes him one hell of a teacher and mentor

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