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Lobster Whipped Potatoes?! So Good!


As I strolled through the grocery store my eye’s locked on a frozen food case that had a sign “Maine Lobster” frozen whole; raw. Wow! and how much??? $9.99 for a 1.5 pounder? Yes, it is true. With the weak economy this nation’s unsold live lobsters are frozen whole and discounted. One of my students said that they sell the same size alive for $40.00. Normally I’m not a big fan of frozen seafood, but I decided that I must do this for the sake of all that is culinary. I would risk life and limb and of course $10 for experimental purposes. I bought my favorite sea bug (I’ve seriously thought about getting a big lobster tattoo on my shoulder, but that is for another post) and carted it off home with my other groceries.

Cooked the lobster until perfect, cracked the meat out of the shell, I use lobster shears but you could use a clean pair of heavy scissors. Once I had removed the meat, I medium diced it (about the size of a sugar cube), and put it into the fridge for later. I admit the meat was not as firm as it would have been if it would have been alive, but for $10 who cares?

I made a classic lobster stock from the shells. Very rich and a perfect shade of rusty red. Reduced this lobster love juice by half. Thickened with a white roux. Until a perfect sauce consistency (it should coat the back of the spoon); called nape’. Let the roux simmer until starchiness was gone (this takes about fifteen minutes and you should be able to taste the difference as the starch is cooked out)  and added heavy cream to finish (about 4 oz/pint). This is also known as Sauce Americon. Turn to low and went to work on the spuds. Six Idaho Russet Potatoes peeled and small diced. Simmered until fork tender. Drained very very well of the simmering water, I placed the nuggets of starchy goodness in the Kitchen Aid and began to whip the hell out of them. Normally, this is when I would add a little bit of warmed cream and butter, but this time I add a steady stream of Lobster Stock (Sauce Americon) to the whipping spuds. A tear rolled down my cheek as the potatoes turned a fluffy mass of pure love. It was perfect, but before I could serve them there was one more element to add. The Lobster Meat. What! Waste that meat in potatoes? Yes, it was a little much, but it was just the way it was supposed to be.

I imagine if God made whipped potaoes he would make Lobster Whipped.